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Hello there, my name is Mark Finch

I'm a husband, family man, and an Internet Entrepreneur.

Back in 2001, I opened up Isle Travel, Inc., an agency specializing in faith-based trips and began offering affiliate products.

However, the entire travel business, including my company, experienced an unexpected downturn during the pandemic. But the magnificent thing was the exchanges with existing companies which I realized provided me for additional affiliations that could potentially be huge and could serve as a foundation for the vision of an entrepreneurial affiliate marketing business.

I spent around $15,000 on trainings to improve my skills so I could demonstrate my knowledge of past breakthroughs to others....that's why I started my new business called KlickSumo, to help people build their own businesses online and help them focus on principles vs."secrets", which can lead to confusion and unnecessary ongoing spending.

If you're thinking about diving in and you’re fearful sick of over hyped programs, information overload, but still want to create the good life you deserve, then I recommend you check out some of the products I recommend. I have no doubt that if you follow it to the ‘tee’ and take action – you can achieve the freedom that passive income allows.


We're not your typical online business.....we are in business online to help serve others in their journey of building their own online business. We believe that anyone with the proper mindset should be able to earn an income online no matter your level of skill. Recently, Mark reflected on the power of affiliate marketing in years past with his travel agency, but disaster struck as the business encountered an unexpected downward spiral during the onset of the 2020 pandemic and he then persevered and became convinced that online marketing could be a hopeful residual income endeavor for him and his family.

If you don't know where to begin your online business, KlickSumo will point you in the right direction for you to learn about affiliate marketing using the same world-class education academy that Mark follows. We not only connect you to the same education system our members will need to begin, but you will be shown how to implement a simple digital business without wasting time or money on things that just don't work PLUS we connect you to the tools, resources, and contacts required to become successful in their business endeavors.

The financial freedom, time freedom and location freedom + the dream of becoming your own boss in life takes resiliency, consistency, and persistence in working towards getting the results you are aiming for.


Do not begin your personal journey BEFORE you watch these short'll save yourself a lot of time and money!

Why I Do What I Do...

My mission is to inspire normal, everyday people who are tied down by imaginary ropes that society has created for them....

I do this by leveraging the power of the internet and connecting you to the same online academy I learned from, providing coaching, mentorship, and sales funnels by helping you build the income you want.

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Pure Value

Stephanie K


"Mark has a genuine interest and willingness to help others and brings pure value. I always appreciate his professional knowledge and expertise in the field. He is an exceptional person and has helped me tremendously. I thoroughly enjoy his uplifting messages throughout the week, it keeps me moving forward. Thank you, Mark for all that you do!."

Incredible Support

Poojita Patel

Certified Mindset & Life Coach

"Having been able to know and work with Mark has been an absolute delight for me. His knowledge in his field is extraordinary. The most incredible part of working with him is his engagement and support level with his community. You will be amazed how much value and time he dedicates to his clients. He is amazing and I will highly recommend his products and services."

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